I left Dr. Udofia’s office to hear that a departmental congress had been scheduled for the next day. Departmental congress was usually a time where both lecturers and students of the department gathered together to address issues affecting either and both of them. An idea popped into my head and I rushed to the lecture [...]

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Author's Note: This post is a continuation from my previous post. Back at the hostel my friends and roommates kept on asking me what was wrong. After much persuasion and amidst tears, I told them what the problem was. "Eya. Sorry o. But I thought you lied that you are married," Isabella said. "I did [...]

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Do you remember my last story rommate wahala, where I narrated how my roommate's money was stolen and everyone in the room was asked to go and take an oath to prove our innocence? I stood my grounds and refused to go and take an oath.  My roommates said they weren't going unless everyone in the [...]

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"They have killed me o! They have killed me!" Unyime shouted. I was in Isabella's room when I heard the shout. I thought it was another hostel fight and rushed go find out who was fighting this time around and what they were fighting over. When I went out, I saw Unyime, one of my [...]

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It was time for PSY 324 class. The lecturer was a tall, slim, dark man who was probably in his 40's. The lecturer had a wrinkled face and I assumed it was because he never smiled. He was always late for his class. When I say always, I'm not exaggerating. His class was supposed to [...]

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I've never liked the idea of a blind date - going on a date with someone you barely know. But how will you know the person if you don't go on a date with the person? It's just too complicated. So there's this guy I met on Facebook. We've been chatting for some time now [...]

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