It was a cold Wednesday evening and I had just come back from school to the hostel. It had rained earlier in the day and so the weather was chilly. I came back tired and exhausted, and had stopped by the canteen on my way to the hostel and bought foofoo and egusi soup with [...]

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It was 1:10 am and we had just finished the pageantry when a fight broke out. Two different groups were fighting over who the winner of the contest was supposed to be. The next minute, someone broke a bottle and flung it in the air. We all scrambled out of our seats as more bottles [...]

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In the next PSY 320 class, Prof said we all had to come to his office to sign the attendance form at the end of each class. One of my friends had hinted me that Prof usually flirted with ladies in his office and I should wear a ring on my third finger and dress [...]

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The holiday was over and I had returned to school. Even though I barely enjoyed school, I was excited because I was going to meet my friends. I moved into the hostel by the second week and settled in almost immediately ready for the new session. I was in my third year in the university. [...]

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“Edidiong! You’ve been avoiding me. Did I do anything that annoyed you?” Jeff asked immediately he picked my call. “I just called to say that this friendship is over. I can’t be friends with a married man especially one that goes around flirting with girls and hiding his marital status.” He took a deep breath, [...]

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I was heartbroken. Do you know how it feels to love someone and then realize that the person doesn't feel the same for you? Or when you love someone but find out that the person can never be with you because they are with someone else? Meanwhile, Jeff had continued calling but I kept on [...]

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