Author's Note: This post is a continuation from my previous post. Back at the hostel my friends and roommates kept on asking me what was wrong. After much persuasion and amidst tears, I told them what the problem was. "Eya. Sorry o. But I thought you lied that you are married," Isabella said. "I did [...]

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Do you remember my last story rommate wahala, where I narrated how my roommate's money was stolen and everyone in the room was asked to go and take an oath to prove our innocence? I stood my grounds and refused to go and take an oath.  My roommates said they weren't going unless everyone in the [...]

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"They have killed me o! They have killed me!" Unyime shouted. I was in Isabella's room when I heard the shout. I thought it was another hostel fight and rushed go find out who was fighting this time around and what they were fighting over. When I went out, I saw Unyime, one of my [...]

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It was time for PSY 324 class. The lecturer was a tall, slim, dark man who was probably in his 40's. The lecturer had a wrinkled face and I assumed it was because he never smiled. He was always late for his class. When I say always, I'm not exaggerating. His class was supposed to [...]

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I've never liked the idea of a blind date - going on a date with someone you barely know. But how will you know the person if you don't go on a date with the person? It's just too complicated. So there's this guy I met on Facebook. We've been chatting for some time now [...]

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I was sitting on my reading table studying when Maureen, one of my friends walked in. I met her in my first year in the university when we were roommates. We shared the same bunk and soon became close friends. She was in her final year when we first met and was now a graduate. [...]

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