The next day which was Saturday, Sandra came to visit me. I was so happy to see her and happy that I had the opportunity to expose her brother’s unfaithful girlfriend. I welcomed her warmly and entertained her with some snacks that I had in my locker. We sat on my bed and discussed for hours. When she was about to leave, I brought up the issue of her brother’s girlfriend. I told her that I saw her brother’s girlfriend in a compromising position with another man in a car the previous day and that I even recorded a video to prove it to her and her brother. I told her I felt that she and her brother should know the type of person his girlfriend is.

I picked up my phone and scrolled through my videos searching for the video I had recorded the previous day. But it was no longer there. I searched again and again as Sandra waited patiently.

“Which girl did you say you saw?”

“Your brother’s girlfriend. I don’t remember her name but I know her face very well. I think she stays in Hall 2A.”

“Oh! I know who you are talking about,” Sandra said hitting her head with her right palms as if to reset her brain or put it back in its right place.

“I’m sorry, I can’t find the video. I’m sure I saved it. May be my phone has a virus or something because I can’t explain how it got deleted,” I explained feeling embarrassed and confused as to how the video could have disappeared.

“There’s no problem. She’s not even Etuk’s girlfriend anymore. They broke up like ….. I can’t remember when but they are not together anymore. My brother is not in a relationship at the moment. So may be the guy you saw her with is her new partner.”

“Eyah! I didn’t know they broke up. You didn’t tell me so I thought they were still together.”

“It’s been long. I even forgot about that one sef. I should be on my way now. Take care of yourself.”

I walked her to the main gate of the school, hugged her and bade her farewell. As I walked back to the hostel, I was thinking of all the possible things that could have happened to the video. And then it clicked. Diana!

I got back to the hostel to meet her pretending to be asleep. She had been on her bed silently reading a book during Sandra’s visit and somehow I knew she was behind the mysterious disappearance of that video.

“Diana, did you delete that video?” I said as soon as I entered the room.

She was lying facing the wall and didn’t respond. I shook her violently and she turned to face me.

“Did you delete that video?”

“Which video?” she asked

“I’m very sure you heard everything that happened between me and Sandra. Stop pretending. Did you delete the video?” I asked a third time raising my voice.


Diana didn’t want to create a scene and finally accepted that she deleted the video. She explained that she did it to protect me. I asked her if she knew that Etuk and his ex had broken up and she said she didn’t know.

“Eddy, I didn’t know that Etuk and that girl are no longer together. I only deleted the video because I didn’t want you to get into trouble and I was right. That video embarrassed you today in front of Sandra. I hope you’ve learnt your lesson.”

“You are not even sorry. You made me look like a fool.

“If only you had listened to me, you would not have looked like a fool. And you got what you wanted – the news that Etuk and that girl have broken up. Etuk is single. May be you can be that perfect girl that he needs since you felt his ex was not good enough for him.”

“Diana, you picked up my phone and deleted a video without my approval. That is not right even if we are friends. You crossed the boundary. And you are not even sorry. You are even accusing me of trying to instigate a break up of Etuk’s past relationship. Let me warn you Diana. Let this be the very last time you come near or touch any of my properties without my permission.”

She lay down on her bed again and faced the wall. I sat on my bed and set a password for my phone. That way, no one will have access to my phone without my permission. But how could Diana have done that without any form of remorse? Do you think I was wrong in recording that video? Did Diana betray me by deleting that video without telling me? What would you do if your friend did what Diana did to me?


End Note: This is a fiction story and episode 18 of #UduakObongStorySeries