Friday and Saturday evenings are usually busy periods around the hostel. The hostel environments are usually as busy as a bee hive. Cars coming in and driving out, girls and guys standing outside in groups and cliques and a lot of hustle bustle. I was single so I spent most weekends in my room or hanging out with my female friends.

I was out of cash on Saturday evening and decided to go to the ATM close to my hostel to withdraw money. It was 7:10 pm and I don’t like walking alone at night so I asked Diana to follow me. I had withdrawn some money and was on my way back to the hostel when I spotted a lady who looked familiar. I tried to remember where I had met her and then boom! I recalled who she was. I stopped abruptly and Diana who was following me closely bumped into me.

“Aah! Eddy move na,” Diana said pushing me forward

“Wait! Is that not Etuk’s girlfriend?” I said pointing towards a girl inside a black Honda car.

“Who is Etuk?” Diana asked turning to look at who I was referring to.

“Don’t you remember Etuk? Sandra’s brother.”


Sandra was my childhood friend and Diana knew her because Sandra usually came to visit me in my room and we used to have out together as well.

“She’s the one. Let’s be going joor.”

“Look, she’s even kissing him. Look at how he’s touching her body. Chai! So this girl is cheating on her boyfriend.” I said in disgust. “Etuk must hear this?”

“Busy body. What’s your business there? Abeg let’s go” she said dragging my hand and leading the way.

“Wait first, ” I said bringing out my phone to record a video.

Diana stopped and dragged my phone from my hands. “What do you want to do?”

“I want to record a video as evidence. If I tell Etuk or Sandra they may not believe me. I need concrete evidence.”

“Did they pay you? What will you gain by destroying someone’s relationship? Let’s go joor


I dragged my hands from her grip and snatched my phone back. I quickly made a short video of Etuk’s girlfriend kissing and caressing another man. I was determined to tell Etuk about it because I cared about him as my friend’s brother. Cheating is a wrong thing to do in any relationship and no one deserves to be cheated on, especially not my friend’s brother.

When we got back to the hostel, Diana kept on trying to persuade me not to tell Sandra or Etuk anything about what I saw. Do you think I should tell Etuk and Sandra? Should I keep quiet? If you are in a relationship, would you appreciate if your friend tells you when your partner is cheating on you?


End Note: This is a fiction story and episode 17 of #UduakObongStorySeries