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Back at the hostel my friends and roommates kept on asking me what was wrong. After much persuasion and amidst tears, I told them what the problem was.

“Eya. Sorry o. But I thought you lied that you are married,” Isabella said.

“I did o. I’ve been wearing this fake wedding ring yet he still wants to sleep with me. ”

“Hmm. What will you do now?” Isabella asked.

“I can’t sleep with him. But that means I’m going to fail. But I know I wrote that test well. I just feel this man is victimizing me.”

“Why not just do it and get it over with. After all you are not a virgin you have nothing to lose,” Diana said.

“Who told you I have nothing to lose by sleeping with him?” I asked.

“You’ve already lost your virginity. So there’s no difference,” Diana explained.

“I lost my virginity but I’ve made up my mind not to have sex again until I get married.”

“Hmm. So you would rather fail? This is what happened to Edima. Her mates have gone for youth service and she is still writing PSY 320. Prof asked her to meet him in his hotel room and she refused. Her own is even understandable because she is a virgin. She didn’t want to lose her virginity. But you are not a virgin. You are not in any committed  relationship. So what is there in it? Look at Edima. This is her third year writing this same course because she doesn’t want to sleep with Prof. As if she won’t still lose that virginity one day. Even the man she is keeping it for, who knows how many women he is shagging? You girls will be doing Holy Mary but the man will be enjoying himself. My dear, just do it and pass. It’s only once.”


“I’m not keeping myself celibate because of any man. I’m doing it for God. I want to be faithful to God and if I sleep with Prof, I will be unfaithful to God. I can’t do it.”

“You want to be like Joseph in the Bible. Forming you cannot have sex. Okay, maybe you are ready to repeat this course,” Diana said.

“Edidiong, don’t mind Diana. I don’t think you should sleep with Prof just to pass his course.” Ndifreke said

“So you want her to fail?” Diana asked.

“We can think of a way out. May be report him to the HOD,” Ndifreke said

“It’s like you don’t know how powerful Prof is. The HOD can’t do anything to him. You will only cause more problems for yourself by reporting,” Diana said.

“What if we report to the school Senate? At least it’s a higher authority than the HOD,” Ndifreke said.

“Hmm. Do you know how long it takes before your complaint will get to the senate. I would have graduated by then,” Diana said.

What will I do now? Should I sleep with Prof? If I refuse, what will be the other way out? How will I pass PSY 320 without sleeping with the lecturer? Please help me. I’m in a dilemma,” I lamented.




Dr. Ukeme Udofia is one of the most friendly and approachable female lecturers in my department. I decided to go and meet her and share my predicament with her. May be she could give me a solution or help me out.

When I told her the story of how Prof had been making sexual advances at me, she asked if I had any proof or evidence.

“No ma. What kind of proof?”

“Anything to prove that you aren’t making this up.”

“I’m not lying ma”


“I know you are not lying. I’ve heard Prof does these things. But if we need to help you, then we need evidence. Something to implicate him. If you can get some form of evidence, then I can use it to threaten him. If he fails you because you refused to have sex with him, then we will use the evidence against him. I’m sure he will not want the evidence to go out. So he will mark your script without any form of bias. But you too must be ready to read and pass. If you don’t read and study well, you will fail. I won’t help you pass unless you do your part.”

“Ma, what kind of evidence can I get?”

She was sober for a moment and I guessed she was thinking and trying to come up with a plan.

“Can you record a conversation of him asking you to meet him in his hotel room or asking you for sex?”

“I’ll try ma,” I said unsure if I even had the courage to do so.

“Alright. When you get an evidence, come back and I’ll help you from there.”

I thanked her and left her office.


Will I be able to come up with concrete evidence to use against Prof? Will Dr. Udofia’s plan work out?


END NOTE: This is a fiction story series and episode 13 of #UduakObongStorySeries