Do you remember my last story rommate wahala, where I narrated how my roommate’s money was stolen and everyone in the room was asked to go and take an oath to prove our innocence? I stood my grounds and refused to go and take an oath.  My roommates said they weren’t going unless everyone in the room agreed to go. Since I refused to go with them, nobody went. Someone suggested that we contribute money for Unyime who claimed her money was stolen so that she could pay her fees before the deadline.


“Did I steal the money? Which should I contribute?” Diana asked.

“What if she is lying that her money was stolen? Then we will all contribute 48k for nothing. Instead of staying here to lament, better go and look for a way to get money for your fees. I don’t even know why any sane human being will keep 48k cash in her box. Why do we have banks? Mtchew! She’s just careless.” Diana said in disgust.

“I’ll contribute 3k. That’s what I have,” I said.

“Edidiong has agreed, the rest of you should pay.”

I gave Unyime 3,000 naira. That was my own contribution. Most people refused to give her money. I don’t know where she got the remaining money from but she was able to pay her fees before the deadline. But we all learnt a lesson. Never keep a large amount of money in cash outside the bank.



We wrote our first PSY 320 test last week. I read and prepared extremely hard for the test. Thankfully, Prof Ime hadn’t asked me why I didn’t come to his house to cook for him like he had asked me to.  [You can read the story where I narrated how he asked me to come to his house by clicking here.] He didn’t even bother engaging in any conversation with me when I went to his office to sign the attendance. At first, I was worried, but later, I felt he had forgotten about the whole issue.

We had his class today and when the class ended, I rushed to his office because I wanted to be one of the first to sign. I believed that if I got there early, there would be a crowd waiting outside and he would not have time for any long conversation. This had been my strategy for some weeks now and it had been working.


When I got to his office, I greeted him and he didn’t answer. I signed the attendance and as I turned to leave, he asked,

“Is your number 1134?

“Yes sir. That’s my reg no. 15/PSY/1124.”

“Hmm. You told me you have been reading my textbook but you have been playing. You didn’t do well in my test,” he said shaking his head in disappointment.

“Sir I read and I wrote the test well. I’m sure of the answers I wrote.”

“All what you wrote was rubbish. I would have flung your paper in the trash can if not that I like you. This is the only test I’m giving this semester. So just forget about your 30 marks.”

“Ah! Sir please.”

“Why are you begging me now? Leave my office, others are waiting to sign the attendance.”

I turned to leave and he stopped me again, “Wait! I don’t want you to fail my course. I’ll give you a second chance.”

“Thank you sir. Thank you very much sir.”


He cleared his throat and brought out a card from his pocket and stretched it out to me. I moved forward and collect it from him.

“Sir, this is a hotel address. What am I supposed to do with it sir?”

“Meet me there tomorrow by 8 pm. You can leave now.”

“Sir, I….. I can’t go there sir,” I managed to utter.

“Then consider having an extra year. Get out of my office.”

“Please sir. Please, I don’t want to have an extra year.”

“I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow. If you like come or don’t come like the last time. Get out of my office, other people are waiting.”

I knelt down and broke into tears begging Prof but all my pleas fell on dear ears.

“My friend, will you get out of my office before I deal with you.”

I struggled to my feet and walked out of his office in tears. I left his office crying and didn’t wait for my friends to sign their attendance.


What do I do now? Should I go to his hotel room and pass the course? Or do I stay back and risk failing the course and having an extra year?


END NOTE: This is a fiction story series and episode 12 of #UduakObongStorySeries