It was time for PSY 324 class. The lecturer was a tall, slim, dark man who was probably in his 40’s. The lecturer had a wrinkled face and I assumed it was because he never smiled. He was always late for his class. When I say always, I’m not exaggerating. His class was supposed to start by 10 am and end by 12 noon. Can you imagine that he came into class by 11:30 am and said he will still teach his 2 hour lecture.

By 12, we told him we had another lecture. He said we can go if we like but his class continues. We pleaded, all to no avail. People started leaving, but he didn’t care. In the next class, he came by 11:15 am. By 12, we started complaining again. Out of anger, he gave us an assignment to be typed, printed and submitted on or before 4 pm that same day.

Chai. Which kind of trouble is this?


“Sir, please we don’t have any free period today. We have another class from 12-2 pm and another from 2-4 pm. Please can we submit it tomorrow?” we pleaded.

“I don’t care if you have another class or not. I’m not stopping you from attending your class. Submit my assignment as at when due. If not, I won’t collect it.”

When he left, we gathered together as a class and some of us pleaded with the whole class to cooperate.

“None of us should submit the assignment today. Let’s all cooperate and submit it tomorrow,” my class rep said.

“Noo. I don’t want to fail this course,” one lady named Susan murmured.

“Who wants to fail? Mr. Lecturer can’t fail the whole class. That’s why we need you all to cooperate,” the class rep explained.

“Noo. Me I can’t take chances,” Susan insisted.

“But we don’t have any free period. The next lecturer will walk in any moment from now. Are we expected to miss a lecturer just to submit an assignment?” another student complained.

“We can beg the next lecturer to allow us to do the assignment during his scheduled time,” Susan said.

“You sef and your bad belle. Why can’t you just cooperate,” another student said to Susan with frustration in his voice.

“Did you pay my school fees for me? I paid my school fees by myself so I can do what I want to do. If you don’t want to do the assignment, that’s your business. I’ll do mine and submit,” Susan said.


Chai. Why can’t Susan just cooperate with the whole class? Guess what she did next. She missed the next two classes just to do PSY 324 assignment and submitted it to the lecturer personally before 4 pm that same day. she didn’t end there as she went on to tell Mr. Lecturer that we agreed not to submit his assignment that day. Hmm! Some people would do anything to win the favour of lecturers.

The lecturer got angry and decided that the assignment will be the only assessment for the semester; 30 marks in total. That’s how we all got zero over thirty and that small madame was the only one who had a score. We begged this man but he had a heart of stone. His heart was even stronger than that of Pharaoh who refused to allow the Israelites leave Egypt.

You think the rest of the class will just sit down and have zero over thirty like that? Noo. The class rep and his assistant went to meet the Head of Department (HOD) and reported to him how the lecturer expected us to submitted an assignment before 4 pm when we had a chain of lecturers that day

The HOD intervened and Mr. Lecturer was asked to cancel that assignment and also report for his lectures on time. Mr. Lecturer cancelled the assignment though he was furious and void to punish us. But at least we won that battle. Let’s hope we continue to win.

Do you have a class mate that never cooperates with the class even for a good cause? Please feel free to share any similar experiences in the comments section below.


END NOTE: This is a fiction story and episode 10 of #UduakObongStorySeries.