I’ve never liked the idea of a blind date – going on a date with someone you barely know. But how will you know the person if you don’t go on a date with the person? It’s just too complicated.

So there’s this guy I met on Facebook. We’ve been chatting for some time now but haven’t met in person. He works as a business man in Abuja. Oh! And he’s single.

The last time we chatted, he asked me to come over to Abuja to see him. It sounds like a good idea but I’m not one that jumps at blind dates.

Well, I decided to play along so I asked him to send money for me to transport myself. Guess what his response was.

“Use your money to come. When you come, I’ll refund the money and give you money for return ticket. I don’t want you to use my head so I will only give you money when I see you physically.”

Can you imagine? I laughed when I read the message and my Diana asked me why I was laughing.

“Can you imagine this guy asking me to use my transport money to go and visit him. And that he’ll refund the money when I come. He thinks I’m a fool.”

“So he can’t even send common transport money,” Diana said

“Who even wants to go and see him? Someone I’ve never met before I’ll travel to Abuja to meet. For what na? Even if he is willing to send transport money, I’m not going.”

“If he sends the money, just go and have fun. There’s nothing to lose. After all, lecturers haven’t started giving tests. You can even go during weekend if you don’t want to miss a class,” Diana said trying to convince me to go.

“Why can’t he come over to see me? Why must I be the one to go and see him?” I asked.

“May be he has work and can’t travel,” Diana explained trying to make excuses for him.

“I’m busy too. I’ve school work.”

“That’s how you will be forming up and down and miss your prince charming.”

“I don’t know this guy personally. That’s my problem. What if he uses me for ritual like all those stories we’ve been hearing?”

“You can insist on meeting him in a public place. How will you get to know him if you don’t meet him at least once. There has to be a first time.”

“I don’t know anywhere in Abuja. I don’t know anyone either. If I’m to run for my life. Where do I run to? Who do I run to? This is just like a blind date. I’m not interested.”

“Oya give me his number, let me go for you,” Diana said.

“Noo. So that when they use you for money ritual, your blood will be on my head.”

“Okay. If you like allow this golden opportunity to pass you by. That’s how you will continue to remain single.”


I still didn’t feel comfortable going to an unfamiliar city to visit someone I’ve never met before. I just decided to test him and see his response again. So I found out how much a flight ticket is from Uyo to Abuja and back and the cost of a hotel accommodation for two days. Then I texted him the price and told him that I was ready to travel to Abuja during the weekend to see him. I also told him to send me the money before I travel to Abuja as the distance was too far by road and I needed to book my flight on time. He didn’t reply and then he blocked me. I haven’t heard from him since then.

Was I wrong to ask him to send me transport money? Should I have used my money to go and ask for a refund when I get there? Would you advice me to go see him if he eventually sends the money?


END NOTE: This is a fiction story series