It was a cold Wednesday evening and I had just come back from school to the hostel. It had rained earlier in the day and so the weather was chilly. I came back tired and exhausted, and had stopped by the canteen on my way to the hostel and bought foofoo and egusi soup with one piece of ice fish. I was so hungry that when I got to the hostel, I pounced on my food without changing my clothes.

When I had eaten up to half of my food, I heard noises outside. The noises increased and people began to come out of their rooms to see what was going on. I covered my food and ran out with oil stained hands.

“You must remove this hair o,” Udeme, a dark girl said at the top of her voice. She was pulling the hair of another girl, Lilian and Lilian struggled with her.

Udeme had a scissors in her left hand and as she drew the other girl’s hair with her right hand, she tried to cut her hair with the scissors in her left hand.

“If you don’t remove this hair, I’ll cut it off with your natural hair,” Udeme said struggling to get hold of Lilian’s hair.


The ladies around tried to separate the two ladies but Udeme held Lilian’s hair tightly and kept dragging it. Lilian screamed in pain and after much struggle, was able to free herself from Udeme’s grip.

“Udeme, what’s the matter? Why do you want to cut her hair?” people asked holding her back from bouncing on Lilian

“You see this girl, she’s a copy cat. I bought iPhone 7, last month. One week after, she bought the same phone, the same colour. I bought a Dell laptop. She too went and bought the same laptop. I fixed these nails,” she said stretching out her fingers and showing off the artificial nails she had fixed. “She went and fixed the same nails and painted it the same colour that I did mine. I did braids last week, she copied. I noticed it and decided to loosen it last weekend and fix this hair.

She held out her brazillian hair which she had just recently  fixed on her head. “I fixed this hair yesterday and today,she has gone to do the same hair. The same weavon, the same colour, the same style. She must remove this hair. If not…”

“But she didn’t steal your money na. Abeg leave her. Na your money she use?”  a lady in the crowd asked.

“She must remove this hair o or I’ll cut it off,” Udeme shouted

“How are we sure she copied you. What if it is you copying her?” another lady said.

“Copying is allowed. So far as she didn’t steal your money or phone or any of your properties. She saw something and liked it and bought it with her money. Let her go.” someone shouted.


Some ladies took Udeme’s side and others took the side of Lilian. All these while, Lilian stood leaning on the wall, silent and sober.

“I be ajegunle girl. Correct aje kpako pikin. I no dey take rubbish. My mama no born me well if I no pieces that your hair” Udeme said as she pounced on Lilian. The fight escalated as Lilian’s supporters tried to pull Udeme away from Lilian and Udeme’s supporters were cheering her on.

Me that is aje butter just shifted to one side before they wound my fresh skin. But na wa for some girls o. Was it worth fighting over? If someone is copying what you do, why not just ignore them and keep being you, the original you.

Whose side are you on? Are you standing for Udeme who feel Lilian was wrong for copying her? Are you on Lilian’s side who believe that so far as she didn’t steal her property, then there was nothing wrong and if you see what you like you can copy?

Please share your opinions in the comment section.

End Note: This is a fiction story and episode 7 of #UduakObongStorySeries