In the next PSY 320 class, Prof said we all had to come to his office to sign the attendance form at the end of each class. One of my friends had hinted me that Prof usually flirted with ladies in his office and I should wear a ring on my third finger and dress in long overflowing clothes when attending his class or going to his office.

When I went to his office to sign the attendance form, he noticed the ring I wore on my ‘wedding finger’ and asked,

“Are you married?”

“Yes sir.” I lied

“Where is your husband?” he asked looking.

“At work sir”

“Do you have children?”

“Not yet sir.”

“How old are you?”


“You don’t look 23. Are you sure you are married?”

“Yes sir.”

“That means you are not a virgin.”

I opened my mouth in shock and said, “I beg your pardon sir.”

“My friend, sign the attendance and leave my office. And remember you are still owing me.”

“Sir, what am I owing you?”

“Have you paid for my textbook?”

“Sir, I gave you the money but you refused to collect it”

“I know what I’m doing. I hope you have been reading my textbook I don’t want you to fail my course.”

“Yes sir, I’ve been reading.”

“Very good. You are a really good girl. Your husband is lucky to have you. Where do you live?”

“I stay in the hostel because my house is far from school.”

“That’s not the answer to my question.”

“My husband stays in Eket.”

“How often do you see your husband?”

“Every weekend.”

“Do you know how to cook?”

“Very well sir.”

“I would like to test your food. Remember you are owing me. So you’ll come and cook for me this weekend in my house.”

“Sir, I go to Eket every weekend to visit my husband,” I lied again.

“Can you come tonight then?”

“No sir. I usually go for night class. I have a test I’m preparing for tomorrow.”

“You know I am a Prof and many lecturers respect me in this department. Don’t worry, I can make sure that you won’t fail that test. Anyway, I’m expecting you in my house tonight. This is my address,” he said as he pulled out a paper and scribbled something on it.

I was reluctant at first to collect the piece of paper but he got up squeezed it into my hands and opened the door for me to go out and he called in the next student that was waiting to sign the attendance.

Do you think I should go to his house this night? I’m so scared and I don’t know what to do.


I went back to the hostel worried. I wasn’t having any test the next day but only lied thinking it would help me avoid going to Prof’s house. I shared my predicament with my friends. Some told me to go that it wasn’t a big deal but the rest told me not to go.

“I’m not going. If he needs someone to cook for him, he should employ a cook. I didn’t pay school fees to come and be cooking for lecturers.”

“What if he gets angry that you didn’t come and decides to punish you?” Diana asked. Diana was my roommate who was also my coursemate.

“Will he beat me? What will he do?” I asked.

“Hmm. You don’t even know Prof. He can make you fail his course,” Diana said.

“Edidiong, I don’t think you should go. I heard Prof sleeps with girls. What if you go and he asks you to sleep with him?” Ndifreke, another of my friends and coursemate asked.

“I’m not going. When next I see him, I’ll tell him my husband came into town unexpectedly and I couldn’t come.”

“I hope he believes that lie. But you wore your wedding ring and he still asked you to come to his house. That man get liver,” Diana said shaking her head.

“Enough about Prof. Who’s coming for the faculty night?” Isabella asked. Isabella was in the same faculty with me but a different department and her room was few feet away from mine.

“Is it this night?” I asked. “Ah! I almost forgot.”

“You people should dress up quickly. I called a cab guy to come pick us by 10pm,” Isabella said.

“But it starts by 9 pm,” Diana said.

“They may not even start by 10. We will leave the hostel by 10,” Isabella said

We all dressed up and left the hostel by 10 pm. The faculty night was to hold in a hotel far from the campus. We arrived the venue and went inside. We all sat together as we enjoyed the fun. I enjoyed myself so much that I even forgot that Prof would be expecting me in his house that night. Who even cared if he was waiting was having fun?

However, the fun was short-lived as something tragic happened that night at the hotel. Find out what happened in the next episode.

End Note: This is a fiction story series