I was heartbroken. Do you know how it feels to love someone and then realize that the person doesn’t feel the same for you? Or when you love someone but find out that the person can never be with you because they are with someone else? Meanwhile, Jeff had continued calling but I kept on ignoring his call.

“Your phone has been ringing continuously. Answer it na,” my brother said.

I hissed and said, “It’s not an important call.”

He snatched the phone from my hand and I struggled to get it back, “Don’t pick that call.”

“It’s even Jeff that has been calling you. Did you two have a fight?”

“Mind your business,” I said still trying to get my phone back.

“I’m not giving you back your phone until you tell me what the problem is. And if you don’t, I’ll answer the call and ask him myself.”

“No no no. Please don’t ask him. I’ll tell you by myself.”


My brother sat down waiting for the story.

“But brother I thought you were going out,” I said with a frown on my face.

“I’ve changed my mind. I can’t miss this gist. Go ahead, I’m waiting.”

“Can you imagine that Jeff is engaged, in fact he has done his traditional marriage? All these months, I thought he was single and he never said anything to me.”

“So how did you know he is engaged or married?”

“He told me on his birthday that his fiancée planned a surprise birthday party for him. Can you imagine he even had the guts to invite me for his wedding next month?”

“Okay, so why are you angry? You said he was just a friend and hadn’t asked you out, right?”

“Yes, he didn’t ask me out but he was giving me green lights and I thought he was interested in me but taking his time to ask. But he said I’m only a friend to him and he wants to maintain that friendship even after getting married. I feel this guy has been using me as a side chick or back up plan. I can’t even believe that I allowed myself to fall for him.”

“May be you should have asked the ‘what are we?’ question earlier to know where you stand. And also the ‘where is this heading to?’ question.”

“Why should I have been the one to ask? It would have made me look desperate.”

“So you would rather choose to be heartbroken. The moment you started feeling something for him, in fact, the moment you two started talking seriously, you should have asked him if he was single and what his intentions were.”

“I still don’t agree with you. I don’t think it’s right for the lady to be asking all those questions.”

“Have you told him how you feel now?”

“No. I haven’t told him anything. And I don’t even want to talk to him again,” I said rolling my eyes.

“I think you should explain things to him instead of just ignoring him. He may not even know what he did wrong.”

I finally agreed to talk to Jeff about my “heartbreak.” Please don’t ask me who broke my heart? I dialled his number and he didn’t pick the first time. I dialled again and he answered almost immediately.

Find out what I told Jeff in the next episode.

End Note: This is a fiction story series to be continued in my next blog post.