Many people don’t like stress even though they may not readily accept it. People are always looking for the easier way out. One of the ways to earn money is to invent and create alternatives that can help reduce or eliminate the stress that people go through.

For example, we used to have phones with keypads that made texting or typing difficult. Before you type letter “c”, you have to press one key three times. But we now have phones with keypads that have made typing easy. You can use your phone to type and it feels just like typing with a computer.

Another example is cars. Before, we had only manual cars where you had to be changing gears at intervals and pressing the clutch each time you want to change the gear. But now, we have automatic cars. Just start your car, change the gear once and that’s it. There will be no need to be pressing the clutch and changing the gear at intervals except you want to reverse or park the car.

Imagine you want to get to the eleventh floor of a building and you have to climb the stairs. That can be really stressful. But if you enter an elevator, press the number of the floor you want to go and stand for a few minutes, the elevator takes you to your destination. You may even arrive before someone taking the stairs. The elevator saves both energy and time.

I can go on and on, listing inventions that have helped reduce stress like the washing machine, dishwasher, micro wave, blender, and even wigs. Before, women used to sit for a whole day or more to braid their hair. But we now have braided wigs. Instead of siting for hours to braid and loosen your hair, you can just buy a braided wig.

Sometimes, we feel that there’s nothing new to invent. No new idea to come up with. Imagine someone saying, “Someone has already invented a mobile phone. What’s left for me to do?” But another person may have realized how stressful it was to use the old keypad to type and came up with the idea of these new keypads we now have. Or imagine if someone had said, “Well, someone has already invented cars. There’s nothing I can invent.” And then another person may have seen how stressful it is to drive a manual car and decided to make automatic cars.

The lessons to be learnt are:

1. Are you looking for how to earn money and create wealth? Then think of ideas that when implemented will help relieve the stress that people go through.

2. There are still more things to invent. Don’t think that there’s nothing new to invent.

3. If you can’t come up with a new invention, look for ways to improve upon existing inventions. Your improvement will become a new invention.

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