In 2017, I came across various blogs and bloggers. A few stood out and as my favourite and I’ll be writing about those few. This list is in no order of importance. So let’s go:

1. This is a Christian and lifestyle blog and most of the articles are addressed to millennial. This blog is very useful and helpful to the younger generation.

2. by Grace Alex
Grace Alex is a fashion and lifestyle blogger. I like her blog because of the inspiring, entertaining and educating posts that she puts up on her blog.

3. by Maryam Salam
Maryam Salam is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, and the founder of The Blogger Point. She blogs about fashion and blogging tips. Her blog has been very helpful to me as a new blogger as I get to read blogging tips and learn from Maryam’s experiences. She merged her personal blog with her business blog so you may not find any content on her former blog ( Please check out her writings at

4. by Laju Iren
I first got to know about Laju Iren when she hosted a live chat on Zegist. I found out she was a blogger and decided to check out her blog. Just one visit and her blog captivated my mind with interesting and insightful topics.

Laju is a wife, mother and pastor and writes about relationships and marriage from a Biblical perspective. I admire her wisdom and the way she tactfully addresses controversial issues.

5. by Joseph Kolawole Ola
I came across this blog on Solomon Bartholomew’s Facebook account. Solomon had once hosted the owner of this blog on his Facebook platform. That live chat was developed into a free Ebook, “Bumpy but Sweet,” which was available at I went to the site to download the book and that’s how I came across the blog.


What were your favourite blogs in 2017? Do you own a blog that you would like me to check out? Please drop a comment in the comment section. I look forward to reading your comments.