“He said he wants to marry me. He even took me to meet his parents. He has introduced me to his family members and friends.”

One of the lies that some men tell is, “I want to marry you.” It’s easy for a lady to be deceived and taken advantage of by a man when the man tells her he wants to marry her.

Some ladies are so desperate to get married, and when a man knows that, he uses it to take advantage of her. Some ladies are not desperate to get married. But some men know that once they begin to talk about marriage and act like they really want to marry her, she will become vulnerable and it will be easy for them to take advantage of her.

After all the marriage talk, taking her to meet his parents, introducing her to the whole world, some will come up with different excuses just to break up with her (that’s after getting what they wanted and satisfying their ulterior motives.) Some won’t even tell her that they are not interested, they will not just start acting up or cut her off completely without any explanation.

Of course, there are genuine men that mean it when they say they want to marry a lady. There are men that approach a lady, asking to marry her for genuine and unselfish reasons. But ladies must understand that in as much as there are genuine men, there are also dishonest men who use the “I want to marry you” line to take advantage of ladies.

Dear single ladies, please understand that just because a man said he wants to marry you, doesn’t mean he wants to marry you. Even if he promises to marry you; it still doesn’t mean that he is sincere or has good intentions.

You may not be able to know a man’s true intentions when he says he wants to marry you, but God knows the hearts of all men. It’s important for you to have a close relationship with God and be prayerful so that you can recognise the “wolves in sheep in clothing.”

A married man is someone’s husband and someone’s husband is not your husband so don’t be carried away when a married man says he wants to marry you. There are single men out there; stop expecting someone’s husband to become your husband. Instead, trust God to give you your own husband.

Dear single men, say what you mean and mean what you say. If you know you don’t want to marry her, don’t say it. Stop using fake marriage promises to string ladies along, play with their feelings or take advantage of them.

Dear married men, please stick to your wife and be content with what you have.


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