I was standing with my colleagues at the office in 2017 waiting to get some documents for our NYSC final clearance. One of the staff there walked up to us to congratulate us. He then went on to have a brief conversation with the male colleagues I was standing close to.

I wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying but in the course of his conversation, he turned to me and said,

“You don’t have a problem. You are a lady. You just need to pray for a husband. But we men, we have to work, rent a house, buy cars to be taking your children to school.”

*Please note that these were not his exact words. I’m only paraphrasing*

Some men believe that women don’t have any difficulties when it comes to finances. Just get a rich boyfriend or husband and you’ve hammered. In fact, he doesn’t have to be rich. Just have a man in your life, and you automatically have an ATM that never runs out of cash. Some women don’t even care where he gets his money from. All they care about is that he constantly meets their needs even if he has to rob a bank to do so.

This is one of the reasons why some women stay in abusive/ dysfunctional relationships, cheat on their partners, engage in sexual immorality and go after other women’s husbands. All they care about is the financial benefits they are getting from the man.

A man meets a lady who just graduated or finished NYSC, and all he says to her is, “Don’t worry about a job. Just pray for a husband.” That same man will complain when his girlfriend, fiancée or wife totally depends on him to meet her needs.

Some will say, “Women are materialistic. Women are lazy. Women are gold diggers. Women have entitlement mentality.”

But a bitter truth is that the reason why some women have entitlement mentality and are lazy, materialistic and gold diggers is because some men give them the chance to do so.

Marriage/relationship should not be turned into a money making venture. If you are a lady and you need money, what you need is a job not a husband, boyfriend or sugar daddy. Are you a single lady? Then work hard to earn an honest living for yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with a lady earning income and using it to rent a house, buy cars, buy lands and buildings and have investments. You don’t have to wait for a husband or boyfriend before you buy a car, have your personal properties and acquire wealth.

To the men that think women don’t suffer financially; there are single mothers and widows struggling to take care of themselves and their families. There are women who are married but have to take full responsibility of providing for their family either because their husbands doesn’t have a source of income or he has and refuses to fulfill his responsibility of providing for his family.

There are women who have to train and take care of their siblings. There are women who have to take care of their parents, and possibly other relatives. There are women who have to singlehandedly sponsor themselves in school. There are women who want to start a business but have no capital.

It’s not only men who have financial burdens. Women do too.

Finally, the solution to a woman’s financial problem is not a man but a job.


Please share your views and opinions about this issue. I would love to heard from you.